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I’m The Doctor

You could augment an earwig to the point where it understood nuclear physics, but it would still be a very stupid thing to do! ~The Doctor

Tom Baker the 4th Doctore

Doctor Who, the story of a time traveler from the planet Gallifrey who travels via is Tardis that is stuck in the shape of a police box because the chameleon circuit is broken, has been a staple of my television viewing since I first discovered the show on public television in the early 1980s. I cut my teeth on the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, who, for me, is the best Dr of all time.

The Tardis

I used to watch the show every Sunday evening, frequently with my dad who was also a casual fan of the show. It was fun to watch the evil beings The Dr encountered and the techno speak he used to explain the goings on of the universe and the beings he encountered. He always came out victorious by some use of his intellect when he exploited some flaw of the enemies he encountered. Along the way he had many companions and I found myself wishing I was one of them, one of his sidekicks exploring many locations in the space time continuum.


The love of the Dr is a trait I have handed down to my kids and to my grandson. My grandson loves to watch Dr Who. We sit in my chair together and enjoy Papa-Luke time as the doctor and his companions undertake their adventures. A couple of years ago, Luke wore a Halloween costume based on the series. His mom asked him what if he wanted to be Dr. Who for his costume but he chose a different character form the series. He chose to be the most evil of the Dr’s enemies when he chose to be a Dalek. Dr Who is popular in a cult sense with a very dedicated legion of followers that make up in enthusiasm what the lack in number of participants so it’s no surprise that only one person recognized the costume Luke was wearing. Luke played the part right down to the signature saying of the Daleks, “Exterminate! Exterminate”.  I think it would have been fun to have him in the costume of the Dr but I don’t think anyone would have recognized him and the catch phrase, “I’m the Doctor” would have left even more of the mortals confused as to who Luke was playing.


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