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The Naysayer

Think You Can, Think You Can’t; Either Way, You’ll Be Right! ~Henry Ford


Sometimes the naysayer is overt, telling the world in a loud voice why something is a bad idea, why an idea won’t work. Other times, it’s a soft whisper, a murmur. Most times the whisper does more damage than the overt commentary because the whisper slowly, almost imperceptibly, crawls into the ears, seeping into the soft parts of the brain where it takes seed it grows into a full-fledged thought that the hearer believe they, themselves, reached the conclusion that an activity is doomed to failure.

If the idea is not sourced from the naysayer, it cannot have merit. “Reasons” are put forth by the naysayer, logical excuses why this process simply can’t work, rationales stated as fact explaining that I should not be attempting to raise the quality of the leadership in my company because I am not qualified to grow young leaders.

Negativity is contagious. If we listen to the naysayer, give heed to his words, mull them over just a little instead of discarding them they can infect us, they can grow in us a shadow of doubt where only light existed, the light that gives birth to our confidence, the light that overshadows uncertainty and shows us the beauty of our capabilities, the light that allows our abilities to bloom into successful endeavors.

So, too, positivity is contagious. Positivity enables us to accomplish more than we thought possible, enables groups to overturn social injustice, enables new paradigms to sprinkle starlight onto a world shrouded in the darkness of negativity.

Don’t listen to the naysayer for he is a little man with a little man and little dreams who would rather destroy than create. Blot his words out the moment they ooze their poison from his parted lips. Don’t allow them to take a foothold in your dreams. Don’t allow them to turn you from your goal that, when achieved, will be that new force driving your life forward to ever greener lands of accomplishment. It is you that controls your dreams, it is your mindset that determines the limits you will achieve. When the naysayer spits his poison, speak a loud nay, take away his power by turning your back and walking away from the naysayer.


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