Mental Manumission

Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye. ~Bill Hicks

Television, my dear Daniel, is the Antichrist, and I can assure you that after only three or four generations, people will no longer even know how to fart on their own… ~Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind

I’m vile and perverted.
I’m obsessed and deranged.
I’ve existed for years but very little has changed.
I’m the tool of the government and industry too.
For I’m destined to rule and regulate you.
You may think I’m pernicious, but you can’t look away.
I’ll make you think I’m delicious with the stuff that I say.
I’m the best you can get… have you guessed me yet?
I’m the slime oozing out of your TV set….
— Frank Zappa


Free at last, free at last…

I pulled the plug on Saturday, 05-Jan-2013. Literally pulled the plug on my cable box / DVR and returned it to Comcast freeing myself of the slime oozing out of my TV set and of the ridiculous amount of money I was charged every month for the privilege of being accosted by commercials seeking to part me of more of my hard earned cash.

Free at last, free at last…

This wasn’t that big a deal for me as I have come to watch very little TV. The two shows I watch religiously are “The Big Bang Theory” which I can see a day later on Hulu for free, and English Premier League soccer games. I don’t believe either of those are worth $100+ per month which is what the crooks at Comcast were charging me.

Free at last, free at last…


The problem came when I started flipping through the channels just to see what was on and suddenly realized a couple of hours of my life had been lost forever to some insipid portrayal of the American family, a rerun of a show I have seen many time previously, or some other such nonsense which would add not a single iota to the quality of my life, would add not a single piece of valuable information to my brain. After those hours, I feel hypnotized, diminished, brain washed, mentally dirty. I suspect the wasted hours diminished my brain capacity, my ability to think critically, my ability to reason, my ability to conjure up musings from my own imagination. I know those wasted hours kept me from exercise has a direct implication on the quality of my health and the length of my life.

Free at last, free at last…

I am not decrying all shows as worthless. There are some, a very small portion, that can add some value to the human experience but they are so few and far between that it is not worth the risk of allowing them to infiltrate my living space.

Free at last, free at last…

When I tell people I no longer have cable nor even an antenna to pick up the local channels, they look at me as if I’m crazy. They can’t comprehend that I would just cut myself off from the outside world. I’m not cut off. I am emancipated, emancipated from the one sided drivel spewed out by the mainstream media. I receive news sourced from all over the world through which I can get a multi-faceted view of world events, a multidimensional understanding, not the one eyed Cyclops that would rather consume our souls than grow our intellect.

Free at last, free at last…

We are the sum of our experiences. I am not willing to waste my remaining, precious time on slime when I can read literature, poetry, biographies of great women, thoughts of every day man in the seemingly infinite supply of blogs which help grow my mental capacity, my ability to think critically about life, contemplate rationally about my existence. I am not willing to spray paint my third eye when I can explore the mysteries of my brain via my own writing which takes me into worlds that can never imagined by Tee Vee, the idiot box.

Free at last, free at last…

When I can be the sum of the many minds that create worlds in writing, the sum of the greatest minds in history, the sum of my own mental ruminations, the sum of my own explorations in the physical world, why would I demean myself and have in that summation the garbage oozing out of the TV set? I don’t. I won’t. I am taking a personal stand where I refuse to be a slave to the boob tube.

Thank God almighty, I am free at last. 


2 comments on “Mental Manumission

  1. I did thus about a year ago; I haven’t looked back once and neither will you my friend. Vive la revolution!

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