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Inspired by Lyrics #9 (Rock A Bye My Baby in Your Nuclear Arms)

Son of mine you walk the line
If time lets you grow old
The Cold War could get colder
Or it all could just explode
Any way you look at it
It won’t be any joy ride
Climb into your shelter now and hide
And dream of those mushrooms in the sky
~RJ Garn, Rock-a- Bye My Child in your Nuclear Arms

Growing up in the 60s/70s the populace was kept in check using fear of heathen Communism taking over the world as proven by their propensity for stockpiling of nuclear weapons. Of course, we had to build up our weapons cache to be on par with our enemy and keep the peace. (It wasn’t until years later we learned the US government vastly overestimated the size of the Russian arsenal – so much for military intelligence!). To protect the world, the US raised taxes, funneled money by the tank full into the military-industrial complex run by political cronies that owned the businesses. Those cronies turned around and ‘invested’ money back into the political campaigns completing the vicious tax sucking whirlwind.

It pissed off a lot of people when the Wall was dismantled with the collapse of Communism. Pissed off a lot of rich folk used to having their pockets lined by politicians pushing taxes their way. Pissed off a lot of politicians fat with power and money lining their silk undershorts.

Those pissed off politicians suckling on the American public needed to generate new fear, fear the masses eagerly consumed, fear that sees them voting those same politicians into office, fear that comes back to haunt us in increased taxes. The sad part is that we let irrational fear drive self-fulfilling behaviors that sees money sucked into a vacuum instead of investing it into the people through improved education or medical help for our soldiers or any other activity that helps the populace not politicians.

We need to open our eyes. The enemy is not the Vietnamese or the Iranians or the El Salvadorans or the Libyans or the Grenadians or the Hondurans or the Iraqis or the Panamanians or the Liberians or the Saudis or the Afghans or al-Qaeda or ISIS (one of many groups birthed by our military actions) any other peoples we used to justify military action.

The enemy is not out there. The enemy is within. The enemy is our own career politicians feeding us imagined enemies to keep us under control. The enemy is ourselves for continuing to vote into power career politicians that are the true enemy of the state.

It’s time we started thinking rationally, thinking for ourselves. It’s time we used an intelligent vote instead of sticking to party lines and put an end to career politicians enriching themselves and their cronies because we choose to wallow in the fear they shovel like pigs in shit.


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