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Are You Unfinished?

I believe we’re incomplete, unfinished individuals. ~Carlos Fuentes

There is a theory of human development which states we are born Tabula Rasa, blank slates ready to gain knowledge through experience and perception…that is…a person is born empty and nurtured into personality independent of their nature. Anyone with more than one child knows this theory is nonsensical.

I have three children and can attest they came out of the womb with distinct personalities. At birth, my first was incredibly strong willed while my second was extremely compliant with the third falling somewhere in between. Being born with these predilections does not imply they were Tabula Confecta, complete slate at birth, however, these predispositions colored the way they filled in their personal slates. Interestingly, though they were distinct personalities at birth, they have all, in their own way, become leaders which, I attribute to their upbringing. Still, all in their 20s, they are unfinished.

I am in my fifth decade and consider myself to be unfinished, Tabula Inscripta, an inscribed slate with plenty of open slate to write new knowledge. Hopefully, I will never be complete. Being complete means I have finished learning, finished growing, become stagnant water in a decrepit and fetid pond, a withered potato setting roots into the fiber of an easy chair bathed in the  glow of the idiot box sucking all intelligence from my brain with insipid programming. And that’s no life for a human being.


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