Is Hate Increasing?

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Hate seems to be on the rise in our world. It seems to be growing exponentially, spewing out of human vessels in a heap of vomit onto fellow vessels. It’s a stench affecting the lives of both.

Is it actually growing or has the atmosphere become conducive to the expression of hate? I tend to lean toward the latter, that humans, in their base state, the ignorant state, feel a need to hate. It’s why Trump, May, Duterte, Le Pen, Erdogan, and other right wingers are coming to power.

It takes higher order thought to move beyond hate, beyond fear and loathing, to cultivate a state of acceptance creating a bridge to the higher realms of existence where love is possible, is a norm. It’s an ability too many of us lack. It’s an ability clouded by hate.

Jesus preached love. Buddha preached love. The great religions were founded on love yet have become platforms for hate, for intolerance, for classifying people into those worthy of love and those deserving hate. For a Christian to hate another because they are not us is to say God made a mistake when creating diversity. It is to deny their faith.

Hate is the greatest scourge on the planet. It has calmed more lives than disease, claimed more lives than accidents, is the single greatest contributor to destruction on our planet.

We hate for trivialities – pigments of skin we don’t like, sexual orientations we don’t understand, religious affiliation, place of birth, gender, perceived slights, the mere existence of an individual that is not us, not me, not you.

Buddha taught love yet there are terrorists disguised as Buddhists as there are terrorists disguised as Christian, terrorists disguised as Muslim. No religion is free of this curse.

What will it take for humanity to rid its heart of hate? Is it possible to evolve beyond the need to hate someone? Anyone? Or can it only be eliminated by education? If education, then our school systems are in dire need of change.

There must be equal dollars for all schools so the have nots have the same the educational opportunities of the haves so they can prosper instead of being walled up in poverty. Classes must show the horror perpetrated because hate runs wild in the world. Hate & Love must be openly discussed in a context of learning not blaming. People must learn to remove the log in their own eyes. We must learn acceptance of differences.

But, how do we remove the hate passed through the womb and nurtured in the home?


5 comments on “Is Hate Increasing?

  1. I think that people are usually learning through painful experiences but as Eckhart Tolle said: “suffering is necessary until you realise it is unnecessary” and more and more people are coming there. There is still a lot of hate and ego drive but I don’t see it as more and more… if you compare our times to Middle Ages or even to the II world war the evolution of humanity is going in the right direction, just slowly. And sometimes chaos is needed to speed it up. So I, personally, don’t see what is happening as getting worse but as a chaos which leads to sth. better🙂

    • Hi Love It Now,

      Thanks for commenting. An interesting perspective. My reference is the past decade or so in the US. It seems hate and hate crimes are on the rise predicated quite a bit on Islamaphobia. I think the current administration is making it ok to express bigotry of many kinds.

      Chaos is definitely increasing. I hope the evolution coming is more people become politically aware and making informed decisions rather than voting out of fear.

      Thanks again for reading. 🙂

      • But don’t you think that just because of what is happening the awareness of people is growing? It forces people to think and engage… for me every crisis is a sign of going into a wrong direction and sometimes people have to realize first what is happening before any shift can take place. But I’m always positive 😀

        • I agree awareness is growing. I see it in the many protests against the policies of the current administration. My belief is it continues to grow for a more informed public, one that will vote in much greater numbers in the future. I, too, am a positive person.

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