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I Am Sorry

I Am Sorry

The city on the river there is a girl without a dream I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ~R.E.M. The “land of the free” is mythologized as a land where dreams are made into reality. This has largely been the case for the white elite, much less so for the poor, for people […]

Follow the Sun

Follow the Sun

If you are confused, check with the sun. ~R.E.M. The sun is more reliable than God when choosing a direction to travel. More reliable because Sun is visible at least half the day, longer when illuminating the moon, providing guidance where God is omnipresent yet unseeable. Silent.

Words are Vague Shadows of Reality

Words are Vague Shadows of Reality

How true is it that words are vague shadows of the volumes we mean. ~Theodore Dreiser I live with the belief that I don’t have much life left to live. I don’t expect to be above ground long enough to enjoy my retirement. I have 4 stents that were installed to circumvent a left anterior […]

Creation Equals Destruction

Creation Equals Destruction

Art, though, requires pride and disobedience. The pride of creation and the disobedience of disturbing the status quo. ~Seth Godin Art destroys. Art creates. Therefore, creation and destruction are the same.

Intergalactic Claptrap

Intergalactic Claptrap

I would sooner exchange ideas with the birds on earth than learn to carry on intergalactic communications with some obscure race of humanoids on a satellite planet from the world of Betelgeuse. ~Edward Abbey Humans are obsessed with life in the stars believing it to be beyond exotic intelligence, exotic life devoid of the tendency […]

Stories To Be Believed

Stories To Be Believed

Hunger is the only story he has ever heard in his life that he could believe. ~Mary Oliver Hunger is visceral reality. Reality born of pain. Reality of a stomach chewing on itself but never feeling fed. It is the sad reality for countless millions born to, subject to, trapped in poverty. The story is […]

Sun Shoots Craps With Moon

Sun Shoots Craps With Moon

I let the moon and the sun gamble with my unfortunate destiny. ~Jorge Luis Borges Destiny determined by Sun and Moon or destiny formed of our own hands. It is comfortable claiming our future is out of our hands, guided by the position of planets, the arrangement of stars on the day of our birth, […]


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