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Snowflakes Melt on My Tongue

Snowflakes Melt on My Tongue

It had started to snow, and the sky was melting into slow tears of light that seemed to lie on my breath before fading away. ~Carlos Ruiz Záfon I am quickly closing in on the winter years of my life, a fast moving car spinning on black ice hit while flying down a dark mountain […]

Understand The Emptiness

Understand The Emptiness

It’s apparent that at some level, all art is autobiographical. ~David Bayles Between three of my blogs, there are over 2000 entries. Four and a half years worth of myself strewn across pages, living in servers across the globe. They are my mind woven into word adventures, a snapshot of my evolution from then to […]

Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers

She sat outside the window, trying to sanctify the pagan ravings of the dying man with her prayers. ~Gabriel García Márquez Are not all prayers pagan especially those prayers seeking to marginally alter the course of destiny? Paganism is an Earth based, Earth bound religion as is human life. To pray for healing in the […]

When Dreams Walk Away

When Dreams Walk Away

He waited in the doorway until she was lost from view at the end of the street, but he was still seeing her in his dreams. ~Carlos Ruiz Záfon I wonder. Did the woman in the opening quote who walked out the door and take up residence in his dreams ever return? I imagine she […]

Stopping Clocks

Stopping Clocks

Make me a clock with brakes. ~Carlos Ruiz Záfon Controlling time, a long wished for fantasy dreamed by people since man/woman realized time stops for no one. The staple of Dr. Who, a TV show about a time-traveling Timelord running for more than 50 years. We would love to stop the clock during joyful experiences, […]

Poet Murder

Poet Murder

Had the soul of poet, and therefore the soul of a murderer. ~Carlos Ruiz Záfon Poets take ordinary thought and create impossible images, string together deformed pearls in arrangements of previously unimagined beauty, bleed heartfelt longing on to empty pages in a patchwork of squiggly lines penetrating the souls of readers.

Hearing Truths

Hearing Truths

I had the ability to question but not the ability to hear the answer. ~Clarice Lispector My life is one constantly posing questions. I question society, how a society claiming to walk the moral high ground hand in hand with Jesus could elect the bigoted, pussy grabbing Trump to POTUS. I question our propensity to […]

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