David A Olson

We is Greater than Us and Not Us

We is Greater than Us and Not Us

Boundaries are fears mande manifest. ~Terry Tempest Williams I am continually amazed at how people see power and control in straight lines. This power bestowed on arbitrary linearity leads them to anoint books with more authority than the heart bled scribblings on tenement walls. Violate lane laws and the force of government descends with the […]

The Human Holy Trinity

The Human Holy Trinity

My father recognized mind-body-spirit as one word. ~Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky Each of us is a Holy Trinity, three integrated components. Three symbiotic elements, a combination of physical and nonphysical space rendered into indivisible existence. We are a tripod of equally important legs. A mind leg. A body leg. A spirit leg. Stability requires each have […]

My Mind Is My Temple

My Mind Is My Temple

I was planting a prayer, over there by the corner butte. I was hoping Coyote Above would find in the next time he trots by. ~Kathleen O’Neal Gear I planted a smokey prayer stick this morning at one of the black, metal tables where I engage in my daily meditation. I had to find a […]

We Are All Devil AND Deity

We Are All Devil AND Deity

The desert is a place of schizophrenic existence. It’s either purity or impurity. It’s either divinity or the devil. ~Unknown Desert sands tumble through my veins. I am fully aware of the scraping sounds produced when grains crash one into the other. These are not just any sands. They are not the titanium white gypsum […]

A Book Older Than Me

A Book Older Than Me

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. ~Jorge Luis Borges I have in my possession a book of poetry published in 1933. I’ve read many books older than me. What makes this book unique in my library is that it was also printed in 1933. Having the same book in […]

My Examined Life

My Examined Life

The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates Are there others in the world like me, for whom, writing is an act of survival? AAA is a mechanism for those weak in the knees for alcohol to stay sober. Writing is similar to me in that my daily practice staves off my personal demons. It […]

Soul Death

Soul Death

The soul is the weariest part of the body. ~Paul Bowles The soul may be the weariest part of the body because we don’t exercise it the way we do our physical bodies, even less than our intellectual muscles. Or because we distort it to conform to another’s view. Why the neglect?

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