The Dark Side of a Christian Nation

The Dark Side of a Christian Nation

I would rather be labeled An angry brown poet Than be an apathetic American Who turned away just long enough To never actually have to give a damn. ~Remi Kanazi I am continually flabbergasted at America’s preposterous claim to be a Christian nation. The hypocrisy…one of many perpetrated by self-proclaimed followers of Christ…building a barrier […]

Betraying The Christ

Betraying The Christ

The war his country asked of him convinced him war has no heroes. Only the dead. The cost of violence is always more violence. ~Glen Sorestad I am sick to death of the older generation the vast majority that never set foot in the military calling for war. It’s an easy call, a hypocritical call […]

The Consequences of Facts

The Consequences of Facts

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality. ~Ayn Rand Fake news has come to be news we don’t want to believe irrespective of facts. It is inconvenient truth claws we attempt to ignore into retraction pretending the scratches in our flesh don’t exist. It is a way to cast […]

Tormented By Logic Twisted

Tormented By Logic Twisted

Who has not asked himself at some time or another: Am I a monster or is this what it means to be a person. ~Clarice Lispector Sunday morning shuffle into a church with head bowed. I prostrate myself on the cold oak floorboards fatigued by the sin-laden footsteps from legions of penitents seeking absolution for […]

Christianity and ‘The Donald’ Are Incompatible (aka: Christian Hypocrisy)

Christianity and ‘The Donald’ Are Incompatible (aka: Christian Hypocrisy)

Better to sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunk Christian. ~Herman Melville The greatest detriment to the growth of Christianity is self-proclaimed Christians who preach Jesus with their words while denying Him with their actions. Hypocrisy in action. The Hypocrite. This is not just my proclamation. I have heard it expressed by Christian preachers […]

The Impossible Pedestal

The Impossible Pedestal

He was the son of the sun and a simple woman. ~Eduardo Galeano Herstory is littered with beings born of a God and a common woman. Seems the gods with the heavens at their fingertips had a difficult time abstaining from the human honeypot. Some offspring were considered to be god incarnate such as Jesus […]

Sins of Omission (We Are All Guilty)

Sins of Omission (We Are All Guilty)

To aid and abet in the destruction of a single species or in the extermination of a single tribe is to commit a crime against God, a mortal since against Mother Nature. ~Edward Abbey The human race is tainted by the belief that we have been given dominion by god to rule over Earth. It […]

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