When A Heart Smiles

When A Heart Smiles

Men don’t inhabit a country; we inhabit a language. ~Jaume Cabré Is a country simply a land mass bounded by contiguous borders? Or is it the collective humans identifying with each other based on a common understanding of an ideal as expressed in language? Or a desire for a unifying goal, an incorporation of a […]

Avoiding A Monkey Fucking

Avoiding A Monkey Fucking

I pretended not to hear him, although mentally I wished him a monkey fucking. ~Roberto Bolaño One of the coping mechanisms I learned from my father was extreme avoidance. “Ignore it and it will go away.” “Pretend it did not happen.” “Never talk about it.” Conflict is avoided in the short term but the underlying […]

The Agony of Minutiae

The Agony of Minutiae

We were together. I forget the rest. ~Walt Whitman I am a gist person. A sensor of essence. A smeller of feels. A feeler of auras. Ask me to recount a movie and you will be lucky to hear more than a few words. To recount an entire paragraph is an anomaly as rare as […]

Slaying the Empathy Troll

Slaying the Empathy Troll

A great conversationalist and rapport builder will put the entire focus on the other individual. ~Robin Dreeke Following years of embodying the social adeptness of an internally focused Engineer uncomfortable with verbal human interaction, I believed I broke out of the mold and was making solid human connections through dynamic dialogue. Until, much to my […]

Throwing Gifts Into The Heavens

Throwing Gifts Into The Heavens

There is a universal longing for the freedom to express oneself. ~David Olson All people are filled with a deep longing undergirding their psyche, buttressed by the desire for freedom in society wherein self-expression can be voiced without fear of being shamed, without fear by of being arrested by the career criminals in power. For […]

Living Outside of Language

Living Outside of Language

Was it possible to live outside language? ~Arundhati Roy In America where there is a common tongue spoken coast to coast so we take language for granted. Save for colloquialisms, words are shared with the ease of a freshly shucked oyster sliding down the throat scooted along by a liberal dash of hot sauce. This […]

Intergalactic Claptrap

Intergalactic Claptrap

I would sooner exchange ideas with the birds on earth than learn to carry on intergalactic communications with some obscure race of humanoids on a satellite planet from the world of Betelgeuse. ~Edward Abbey Humans are obsessed with life in the stars believing it to be beyond exotic intelligence, exotic life devoid of the tendency […]

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