The Nonobvious Obvious

The Nonobvious Obvious

I often make the mistake of thinking that something that is obvious to me is just as obvious to everyone. ~Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Americans, in a general sense, live within the experience of a single crop farm. We are corn sucking the same nutrients out of the ground, all growing straight and tall producing the […]

Celebrate Weirdness

Celebrate Weirdness

I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy. My reality is just different than yours. ~Lewis Carroll Truth is, we are all strange, weird, off, and crazy. Precisely because we each dwell in our own unique reality tangentially intersecting with the realities of others if there is any overlap at all. And that is ok. Better […]

Enabling Evil

Enabling Evil

To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible God. ~Jorge Luis Borges Love. Devoted faith in an ideal believed to exist in the soul of a person fallible to the core. A person (or institution), fallible in words, speech, deed. We believe perfection about our beloved despite ample evidence to […]

Consider A Swarthy Deity

Consider A Swarthy Deity

Fools talk, cowards are silent, wise men listen. ~Carlos Ruiz Zafón The trend of my life is to talk less wherein I expose to the world the fool I am toward listening deeply to others and learning from their experiences thus adding pearls to my wisdom bucket. At least, it’s how I like to view […]

A Walking Fish

A Walking Fish

Privilege is saving confederacy statues because they are historic but bulldozing through ancient sacred sites and artifacts for pipelines. ~Ruth Hopkins A fish in water is not aware they exist in water. They have been immersed since birth and experience life as it has always been. They lack the experience of the walking catfish shuffling […]

Does Today Refute Yesterday?

Does Today Refute Yesterday?

I change too quickly: my today refutes my yesterday. ~Friedrich Nietzsche Is change really too quick if today refutes yesterday or is it just fast enough so that yesterday doesn’t overshadow today? In an age when there is enough new information generated every 24 hours to drown us daily, it is reasonable for change to […]

Peace On Earth? Not While War is Profitable!

Peace On Earth? Not While War is Profitable!

Peace is always beautiful. ~Walt Whitman Peace on earth and goodwill to men, a phrase spoken during the holiday season in the West. It is sadly becoming antiquated, overshadowed by the buy, buy, buy mentality forced down the throats of the brainwashed herd hooked on spending money to enrich captains of industry while putting themselves […]

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