Borrowing the Future With Interest

Borrowing the Future With Interest

Each people behaves as if they have reached the end of history. ~Núria Amat It is easy to believe, with our limited, myopic vision that history begins with our grandparents and ends with us, maybe our children, that our grandparents are the root of life tree, our parents the trunk, we the branches, our children […]

The Superior Sex

The Superior Sex

Don’t fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon and I will eat you whole. ~Women’s March Sign As a whole, plotted on a Bell Curve, men are physically stronger than women. We can lift more, run faster, jump higher. In every other human dimension, women are men’s […]

Not Half The Man

Not Half The Man

When one has not had a good father one must create one. ~Freidrich Nietzsche I have come to the realization, I will never be half the man, half the father my dad was to me, my siblings, the world at large. Besides heart disease, I seem to have inherited few of the essential ingredients making […]

Passive Aggressive or A Good Monkey Fucking

Passive Aggressive or A Good Monkey Fucking

I pretend not to hear him, although mentally I wished him a monkey fucking. ~Roberto Bolaño How we react to conflict is frequently a behavior birthed from our family of origin and is heavily influenced by the culture in which we were raised. My father’s advice as I moved into challenging situations was two-fold. The […]

A Soul Damaged Beyond Repair

A Soul Damaged Beyond Repair

Presents are made for the pleasure of the one who gives them, not for the merits of those who receive them. ~Carlos Ruiz Zafón I think my soul is damaged beyond repair, a mass of scar tissue preventing the world from penetrating at any meaningful level. A levy keeping the pounding sea at bay. It […]

Soul Nurturers

Soul Nurturers

He gave up at cutting hair, and instead trimmed away at his soul, sip by snip. ~Eka Kurniawan To give up one’s passion, to forego love for expediency, to live for yesterday at the expense of the future are all soul diminishing activities, spirit-crushing choices. I am lucky to have been blessed with parents who […]

Contrarian Children

Contrarian Children

I rebel; therefore we exist. ~Albert Camus Some of us are born rebels choosing – no, not choosing – driven to be contrarian. it is a path I have walked since I first began crawling. It is a path that will follow me to the grave, if not, put me in the grave. It is […]

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