A Belly Feeding Upon Itself

A Belly Feeding Upon Itself

The sole method the exploited have to break their chains: violence. ~Mario Vargas Llosa Being a life long member of the middle class progressing in stature from lower-middle through middle-middle now flirting with upper-middle, I am as far removed from understanding the challenges faced by the lower classes as a hawk is from the moon. […]

Parallel Presences

Parallel Presences

I hear someone who follows me, sobbing to me With a sad voice rotted by time. ~Pablo Neruda Whenever my mind travels, and it travels frequently, I sense a parallel presence sashaying in time with my mental opusculums. It is an agitation awakening dormant sepia shadows, a pickle invading a cabbage patch, a persona non […]

Winding Roads

Winding Roads

We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are. ~Max DePree How do we become who we need to be without a map showing us the path or, at least, the coordinate of the final destination across Terra Incognita? Is it because a glimpse of the treacherous road would terrorize us […]

The Persistence of My Existence

The Persistence of My Existence

I hear the call of a seasoned witchwailing from a murky draining ditchher black eye peering through a tartan buttonhole stitchcalling me to visit Greenwichand feast on a green willow switchwith a wicked son of a bitch

My Salvation Seems Always Beyond Reach

My Salvation Seems Always Beyond Reach

As a nonwhite person, the general, like myself, knew he must be patient with white people, who were easily scared of the nonwhite. ~Viet Thanh Nguyen Having, in this life, always existed on the white side of the fence, I have little to no understanding of the hoops the nonwhite must jump through or the […]

Do You Follow Ideas or Visions?

Do You Follow Ideas or Visions?

The white man has ideas. The Indian has visions. ~Crow Chief Visions, synonymous with hallucinations in Western parlance, there is little difference, are the purview of people not grounded in reality, the mad, the insane. In the West, objective reality is thinking Shangri-la. Yet few of us visit that place, let alone make decisions objectively. […]

Blood Lines

Blood Lines

Time dripped away like blood. Old men dried up and died. ~Yukio Mishima My blood droplets stain Earth creating a wavy line following me on my daily journeys. I would love to backtrack to see all the places my mind lost itself but those drops either dried on a rock that was kicked away by […]

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