Do You Follow Ideas or Visions?

Do You Follow Ideas or Visions?

The white man has ideas. The Indian has visions. ~Crow Chief Visions, synonymous with hallucinations in Western parlance, there is little difference, are the purview of people not grounded in reality, the mad, the insane. In the West, objective reality is thinking Shangri-la. Yet few of us visit that place, let alone make decisions objectively. […]

Blood Lines

Blood Lines

Time dripped away like blood. Old men dried up and died. ~Yukio Mishima My blood droplets stain Earth creating a wavy line following me on my daily journeys. I would love to backtrack to see all the places my mind lost itself but those drops either dried on a rock that was kicked away by […]

The Ghosts that Taunt Me

The Ghosts that Taunt Me

He was haunted, same as she was, except he didn’t know the name of his ghost. ~Christina Henry I find myself wondering why my soul feels haunted, why it feels like something is off kilter with my life journey, off balance in my head and I am living at the inky precipice of confusion trying […]

Off With The Head

Off With The Head

Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul. ~Walt Whitman I was raised in a sterile environment, a suburban, white, Catholic petri dish enclosed in an adiabatic autoclave where I was shielded from the influx of those radical concepts held by people ‘not like me’. Non-Catholics could enter heaven? Impossible! US Presidents […]

Soul Breathing

Soul Breathing

It was the only place in his world where he felt the air made way for him. ~Arundhati Roy There are physical places in the world, places unique to each person’s soul where the physical, mental, and spiritual are in perfect alignment and one feels the air part and the soul take over breathing, breathing […]

All Art is a Lie!

All Art is a Lie!

Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth. ~Pablo Picasso All art is a lie! Every piece ever produced is based on falsehood. Artwork is filtered through our biases, mental biases acting as a prism taking in whole truth then breaking it up into constituents of which the artist chooses which is […]

Emptiness Contains The Message

Emptiness Contains The Message

In a traditional Chinese landscape painting, empty space allows room for imagination. ~Qiu Xiaolong The emptiness in a painting, those voids in space absent an eye-attracting element enhancing the message by not overwhelming the viewer with noise. Negative space, sparseness drawing the subconscious, a vacuum attracting thoughts deeply buried in the mind to the thinking […]

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