I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying. ~Oscar Wilde I like to think I am clever, a witty person imbued with above normal intelligence but then I remember I graduated university with just over a B average and there were many with higher GPAs than […]

Revelation Revealed in Punctuated Equilibrium

Revelation Revealed in Punctuated Equilibrium

Revelation comes when needed not when requested. ~Mr. Wednesday Maybe it is senescence at work gifting me wisdom. Maybe it is finally pulling my head out of ass that allows me to stumble over perspicacity. More likely, senescence wisdom let me know my head was up my ass and awareness of the stench forced me […]

72 Virgin Guns

72 Virgin Guns

I don’t understand the male obsession with scoring a virgin. Unless it is the fragile male ego afraid he won’t ‘measure up’ to past lovers so seeks a person who has no reference to laugh in his face. I think that’s why Islam entices martyrs with hte promise of 72 virgins. The need for virgins […]

Born a Misfit

Born a Misfit

You’re a misfit, afraid of yourself, so you run away and hideYou’ve been a misfit all your lifeWhy don’t you join the crowdAnd come inside So take a good look aroundThe misfits are everywhere Now you’re lost in the crowdYet, still, go our own way Every dog has his day~Kinks Everyone is born a misfit, […]

Preparing My Soul To Rejoice

Preparing My Soul To Rejoice

Art is an effort, an opportunity to deviate enormous emotion and energy in a specific direction. ~Seth Godin I approach my art, my morning ablutions as a perfunctory ritual, something I must do when every fiber would prefer to meditate with eyes closed, snoring, looking for inspiration on the inside of my eyelids.

Prayers Have Been Prayed

Prayers Have Been Prayed

There is no difference between art and prayer. ~Rainn Wilson If art is prayer then, based on the quantity of my creations, quality be damned, I am a priest or a monk or an abbot or an Aztec remover of hearts which are crushed against the moonstone. This is not to say there is no […]

Benevolence or Malevolence?

Benevolence or Malevolence?

Man destroys man, and he also composes Paradise Lost. It’s a mystery. ~Jaume Cabré I regularly noodle the dichotomy of man. How is it a person can create beauty like a Jaume Cabré novel edifying the soul and another plunge a knife into a person’s heart just to watch them die? Even more perplexing is […]

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