A Creative Environment

A Creative Environment

Everything in the desert originates from the same Point somewhere on the periphery ~R. Russell McGuire For the past month, I’ve seated myself outside my office in the pre-sunrise hours and meditated in the silence before humanity flowed into the city from the outlying neighborhoods and suburbs carried in by glass and steel caterpillars. Lately, […]

Hell’s Cage

Hell’s Cage

Tools with which to pick the lock on the cage of self. ~Philip Connors I hide from myself yet know not that I am hiding. I seek contentment in the external not realizing happiness is hidden within the cage I locked to hide myself from myself during the seasons I simultaneously ran from and toward […]

Illusory Wisdom

Illusory Wisdom

In the same region that the owl is called death, it is also called wisdom, not that the two are exclusive of each other. ~Craig Childs The older I get, the wiser I become…I think I am becoming. Is this a sign of growing wisdom opening insight into new realities or an inability to see […]

My Examined Life

My Examined Life

The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates Are there others in the world like me, for whom, writing is an act of survival? AAA is a mechanism for those weak in the knees for alcohol to stay sober. Writing is similar to me in that my daily practice staves off my personal demons. It […]

Unhappy Rains

Unhappy Rains

Rains are waiting beyond the window, rains that are always sad. Was there ever a time when rains were happy? ~Shariar Mandanipour I can never recall a time when I was happy to see rain. Never ever. Not even one time. I’ve been battling rains all Summer those so this season seems worse than most. […]

Last Chance Lick

Last Chance Lick

To feel lonely is a failure to see All the gifts that surround you Open your eyes The world waits your embrace. ~Teresa Gallion There was a time when I was conscious of being alone and of my loneliness. I lived a terrible fright, avoided the light for fear it would illuminate my imperfections exposing […]

Parallel Presences

Parallel Presences

I hear someone who follows me, sobbing to me With a sad voice rotted by time. ~Pablo Neruda Whenever my mind travels, and it travels frequently, I sense a parallel presence sashaying in time with my mental opusculums. It is an agitation awakening dormant sepia shadows, a pickle invading a cabbage patch, a persona non […]

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