When Evil Ascends the Throne

When Evil Ascends the Throne

I think if you’re impregnated with good literature, with good culture, you’re much more difficult to manipulate, you’re much more aware of the dangers that powers represent. ~Mario Vargas Llosa We the people tend to elect the least common denominator to public office because we are a nation choosing to watch TV rather than crack […]

Little Hands Pushing Little Buttons

Little Hands Pushing Little Buttons

And sometimes ignorance is even harder to deal with than deliberate evil. ~Ryu Murakami Evil knows it is evil and does not care. It’s a known quantity leaving us with expectations easily managed though still painful. Ignorance is unaware of its own stupidity. Decisions made are based on wrong knowledge, half-knowledge, or evil knowledge because […]

The Dichotomy of Martyrdom

The Dichotomy of Martyrdom

do not speak to me of martyrdom, of men who die to be remembered on some parish day. i don’t believe in dying though, I too shall die. and violets like castanets will echo me. ~Sonia Sanchez I am torn by the dichotomy of martyrdom. On the one side, there is a respect to be […]

Stopping The Madness

Stopping The Madness

At the edge of madness, in the ecstasy where all is forever and all is never, they are gods. ~Eduardo Galeano The US Government is on the edge of madness has been for decades, precariously perched on the razor edge of a Damascus blade and the blood of the American people is dripping on the […]

Competition Drives Organizational Stupidification

Competition Drives Organizational Stupidification

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. ~Herman Melville The problem with failure is not the act of failing, it is the stigma hung on failure by a society most which have never tried anything difficult. Society is fixated on the dualism of first or worst. They no longer acknowledge […]

Swaggering Lion or Castrated Cat?

Swaggering Lion or Castrated Cat?

We wanted to be lions and we’re no more than castrated cats. ~Roberto Bolaño It is the natural inclination of man, in his youth, to view himself as the head of a great pride that will bully its way through the world leaving a scent trail that makes others tremble and change course. And if […]

Serving Supreme Causes Means Serving People

Serving Supreme Causes Means Serving People

Those who serve supreme causes must not consider what they can get but what they can give. ~Winston Churchill Question: At what point does a cause reach the level to be considered supreme thus service become requisite? Answer: Any cause wherein a leader is necessary to see it through to successful completion. The implication being […]

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