Healing Poetry

Healing Poetry

He believed that poetry could cure, or at least go a long way towards curing, almost every ailment. ~Arundhati Roy I have heard it said, the mind is a miraculous healer of the body. Placebo medications result in amazing cures because the mind is tricked into believing the answer is at hand. It is the […]

Poet Murder

Poet Murder

Had the soul of poet, and therefore the soul of a murderer. ~Carlos Ruiz Záfon Poets take ordinary thought and create impossible images, string together deformed pearls in arrangements of previously unimagined beauty, bleed heartfelt longing on to empty pages in a patchwork of squiggly lines penetrating the souls of readers.

Two Poems Become One Poem

Two Poems Become One Poem

I found the poetry inside of her. ~Roberto Bolaño Everyone one of us is an evolving poem, poetry written with the breaths we exhale, in the silent spaces between the words we speak, in an eye twinkling love.

Ghosting a Book of Poetry

Ghosting a Book of Poetry

I want to write in the form of migrating geese like an arrow pointing South toward a direction of safety. ~Terry Tempest Williams My favorite arrangements of words are those that share information wrapped in poetic phrases, those with the ability to paint dry text information with meaningful imagery. It is an ability with the […]

Poetry And Revolution

Poetry And Revolution

Poetry and revolution before breakfast. ~Edward Abbey Poetry and revolution. Revolution and poetry. Two human expressions with the power to ignite the human soul. Revolution is poetry in action, the physical manifestation of the collective human spirit striving to create a new reality. Poetry speaks revolutionary ideas, incites revolutionary emotions.

Human Foie Gras

Human Foie Gras

Art has no right answer. The best we can hope for is an interesting answer. ~Seth Godin What emotion does a painting evoke? What revolution is contained in the stanza of a poem? What image is birthed in a song? What pain opened the gateway to a story? I see art not as an interesting […]

Drawn To Revolutionary Thinking

Drawn To Revolutionary Thinking

Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners. ~Edward Abbey The Latin American understanding of the Spanish word, Desaparecidos, means a person who has disappeared, presumed killed by members […]

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