Resonance of Solitude

There is a resonance of humility that has evolved with the earth. It is best received in solitude amidst the stillness on days in the desert. ~Terry Tempest Williams I find myself drawn deeper into desiring solitude with each passing day. Seeking solitude is often associated with human mental dysfunction, the world view of a […]

Vortex of Madness

Vortex of Madness

Somewhere in the depths of solitude, beyond wilderness and freedom, lay the trap of madness. ~Edward Abbey I wish I learned to embrace solitude early in life rather than when I did just past the half-century milestone. To do so would have protected me from hiding in companionship because I was afraid of loneliness. I […]

Riding Thunderstone Lightning

Riding Thunderstone Lightning

Eventually, I had thinned out the social stimuli in my life and become a full-time desert ascetic. ~Ellen Meloy In my soul, deep hidden, exists a sacred thunderstone, fossilized lightning straining for release to brighten creation. I’ve been excavating through layer after smokey layer since burgeoning self-awareness blew away the storm clouds casting shadows over […]

I Will Dwell In the House of David Forever

I Will Dwell In the House of David Forever

Isolation from others was a leitmotif that ran through his entire life. ~Haruki Murakami There are times looking back upon my life I see evidence of a patzer moving me from square to square trying desperately to not lose, seeking a draw while stumbling and staying in the match. The move sending me to India […]

The Introvert End of the Pool

The Introvert End of the Pool

The cure for loneliness, they say, is solitude. ~William Atkins It seems counterintuitive that one must walk alone for long stretches to overcome a fear of loneliness. It’s like saying one must stay awake for weeks to defeat chronic insomnia or binge drink bourbon to cure alcoholism. I began addressing my fear of being alone […]

Isolating In A Thousand Cuts

Isolating In A Thousand Cuts

If you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them. ~Jodi Picoult I feel a need to isolate myself in a black hole where nothing can penetrate because the fear of […]

Haunted by Absence

Haunted by Absence

Around me was not the absence of sound, but the sound of absence. ~Carmen Maria Machado I am haunted by the sound of absence, by the vacuum created when a loved one chooses to exit stage left, drop the curtain never to return. The final act renting a hole in my soul requiring years to […]

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