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Prisoners of History Forgotten

A different future is possible when we refuse to be prisoners of the past. ~Barack Obama

Americans of the conservative ilk are calling for a return to the rotting roots that failed to support our nation prior to the two awful conflicts engulfing the world in the first half of the twentieth century. It’s the same group still living in the fantasy that Reagan’s trickle-down economics predicated on tax cuts helped the middle class and poor prosper but conveniently forget the later significant taxes imposed by his administration, including taxes on the sacred social security benefits, when trickle down failed to deliver on its promises.
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Born To Create New Worlds

If you feel like you don’t fit into the world you inherited it is because you were born to help create a new one. ~Ross Caligiuri

I can honestly say, I have felt like an outsider for most of my life, the octagonal peg in a world of triangular holes only fitting in when I shrunk myself to fit in. I am literally a redhead but not the stepchild. My views have run perpendicular to the mainstream since I was able to think rationally. Or, per the mainstream, think irrationally. I did not choose to be a contrary. But, it seems contrarian is the authentic expression of my being. Sorry, mom.
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The Impossible Pedestal

He was the son of the sun and a simple woman. ~Eduardo Galeano

Herstory is littered with beings born of a God and a common woman. Seems the gods with the heavens at their fingertips had a difficult time abstaining from the human honeypot. Some offspring were considered to be god incarnate such as Jesus of Nazareth. For others, the position spanned from demigod to human. This God mating with woman concept is fundamental to Egyptian, Indian, Roman, Mayan, Aztec and many other religions, religions the modern world has relegated to the library shelf labeled mythology.
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Breaking the Bondage of Experience

We are prisoners of our own experience. ~Sam Wilson

If we are prisoners of our experience, how do we break mental shackles imprisoning our ability to think critically, to understand the souls of those different than us? I don’t believe it is ever possible to completely escape our prison cells. But…but we can grow the cell, grow it until it is so large, so vast if we stand dead center our feeble eyes are unable to see the walls constricting our vision. It is there that knowledge feels limitless, unbounded.
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Arrogance Begets Ignorance

It is difficult to expel ignorance if you sustain arrogance. ~Sam Wilson

If we don’t know what we don’t know, how do we know what we think we know has not been invalidated by what we don’t know? Or, is the reality we perceive already obsoleted by facts existing outside our awareness? Believing Earth is flat was never true no matter the universal belief in this ‘fact’ in the olden days.
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Soul Breathing

It was the only place in his world where he felt the air made way for him. ~Arundhati Roy

There are physical places in the world, places unique to each person’s soul where the physical, mental, and spiritual are in perfect alignment and one feels the air part and the soul take over breathing, breathing not air but universal consciousness energy, deep breathing vitality energy that first engulfs the heart then finding it’s way to every cell in the body.
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Healing Poetry

He believed that poetry could cure, or at least go a long way towards curing, almost every ailment. ~Arundhati Roy

I have heard it said, the mind is a miraculous healer of the body. Placebo medications result in amazing cures because the mind is tricked into believing the answer is at hand. It is the mind that needs to be convinced for healing to work its way through the human body. The mind must be aligned with a healing state. If it can be convinced by a placebo, why not a poem?
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