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Diversity? What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything!

Being equal is not the goal. Appreciation of differences is the goal. It is the differences that make us dynamic and interesting. ~???

It’s taken me more time than I like to admit but I am finally existing in a space where I can see beyond my predisposed tendencies and appreciate diversity for diversities sake. It’s a mountain I’ve been climbing for a long, long time. I’m not sure when I reached the elevated plateau. Or if believing I reached the plateau and can see the beauty of all creation is little more than a delusion stoked to make me believe I’m more enlightened than I really am.
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The Hero Within

We are all on a hero’s journey. ~Joseph Campbell

Life is born of struggle and struggle we do unto the grave. From the moment we are squeezed from the narrow tunnel like a zit released that sprays onto the mirror until we struggle with our last breaths and the final trapped in our lungs. No one gets out of here alive.
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Beware The Moment

We tend to see
A person
In the moment
As the journey
They traveled to get here.

~Kat Lehmann

In the moment, there is no history, no herstory, no future story, no shining sun, no reflective moon.

In the moment, there is only the present, the instant now, a locus divorced from pre and post eternities.

In the moment, there is perception without perspective, sight without vision.
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The Antics of Fake Patriots

I can only imagine how quickly the Founding Fathers turned in their graves at the antics of Megan Rapinoe, Colin Kaepernick, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the many others protesting during the raising of Old Glory, during the anthem honoring the Stars and Bars, at the hoisting of the Red, White, and Blue.
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Mad? Enlightened? Is There a Difference?

Hummingbird flitters and squeaks
Brazenly buzzing the back porch,
Giving important news
Too rapidly to be understood.
~Gregg Valenzuela

6, 7, 8, and more ratty layers of tights and sweats smoothed precisely, one at a time, so there are no wrinkles each tucked into LL Bean boot knockoffs splitting at the seams on a muggy summer morning promising to crest the high 90s in both temperature and humidity. A few layers of long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and a coat more hole than material draped over her body.
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Am I Cheating Myself?

Everything and every place
that reminds any person
of the Spirit is sacred!
That’s what the mesas told me,
while the sun heated the wind
that blew off the desert
and the Hopis
sat in the shade
waiting for customers.

~Gregg Valenzuela

I oft fear, by not living in the desert Southwest, I am cheating myself from communion with the sacred landscape driving my creative energy into shooting stars of ecstasy, overlapping lightning strikes illuminating inspiration in staccato moments infusing my soul with the sustenance it needs to breathe deep and exhale content that generates internal smiles crawling into my face and shooting beams with the brightness of a New Mexican sun at high noon.
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A Benevolent Species

What we learn from history
is to repeat it, build
upon its cruelty
shape and tailor its brutality
for new systems

~Remi Kanazi

If man/woman were truly intelligent, we would build futures on elevated platforms of lessons learned. It would include building on the positive, changing direction on the negative, leveraging both into a constructive new world.
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