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Unto The Final Battle

Unto The Final Battle

Look deep enough into any person and you will find something shining within. ~Haruki Murakami I have stopped merely looking deep into my eyes to find a shining within, instead escalated to excavation, to scraping layer after layer of detritus, bloody-fingered scratching examining through every millimeter for something, anything shining within my soul. Bubkus. Nada. […]

Red Rock Monsters

Red Rock Monsters

As I stared at myself in the mirror, I thought about what it would be like to paint my own portrait…what sort of self would I end up painting? Would I be able to find even a shred of affection for myself? Would I be able to discover even one thing shining within me? ~Haruki […]

I Will Dwell In the House of David Forever

I Will Dwell In the House of David Forever

Isolation from others was a leitmotif that ran through his entire life. ~Haruki Murakami There are times looking back upon my life I see evidence of a patzer moving me from square to square trying desperately to not lose, seeking a draw while stumbling and staying in the match. The move sending me to India […]

Stroking My Beard, Meditatively

Stroking My Beard, Meditatively

Pain is what gives rise to meditation. It has nothing to do with age let alone beards. ~Haruki Murakami More than any other sensation, emotional pain has been the springboard for my greatest leaps in personal growth. Were the truth of this pain not so debilitating, I would seek it out to experience the thrill […]

A River of Selfishness

A River of Selfishness

There are ways of dying that don’t end in funerals. Types of death you can’t smell. ~Haruki Murakami I once tried to die to my selfish tendencies. It was a long, slow process requiring me to choose little deaths along the way, death by a thousand denials. I was getting close to being selfless. But […]

Painful Mirrors

Painful Mirrors

Truth is often accompanied by intense pain, and almost no one is looking for painful truths. ~Haruki Murakami The truth about painful truth is that it is the truth we need to walk through to overcome the pain from the avoided truth. The process requires us to let go of the subtly painful lies we […]

Dancing on a Moonlit Night

Dancing on a Moonlit Night

Brandy was a drink that went well with silence – you gently swirled it, appreciated the color, inhaled the fragrance. ~Haruki Murakami Swirling Irish Whiskey, an amber drink when held up to the setting sun captures long rays, glows, disperses warmed light as love is absorbed by the eye and swirls in the soul of […]

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