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A Nonsense Quote

A Nonsense Quote

When you’re a poet and you have to live by night, there’s no way you can have a steady job. ~Roberto Bolaño By Señor Blaño’s logic, I have a steady job, therefore (ergo is a cooler word) can never be a poet unless I walk away from my steady job and live the hours of […]

Joining The Frogs In Primordial Ecstasy

Joining The Frogs In Primordial Ecstasy

A silver frog, a frog whose skin seemed to have absorbed all the madness of the Mexican moon. ~Roberto Bolaño Once upon a time, many years ago in the Spring of ’91, I was leaving Arches National Park at night because I could not bear to say goodbye while the rocks were visible. I left […]

Stylized Spines

Stylized Spines

Books sitting quietly on shelves and the dust of the world creeping into libraries, slowly, persistently, unstoppably.. ~Roberto Bolaño Few things are sadder than a bookshelf full of books where the books are drowning in uniform layers of smooth dust disturbed only by insect footsteps lined like a wobbly drunkard after an all-night binge. Well, […]

Misunderstanding Myself

Misunderstanding Myself

Sometimes he felt like a shepherd misunderstood by the very stones. ~Roberto Bolaño Who among us has not felt misunderstood at some point during our lives? My experience is to swim in a pool of misunderstanding for more often than the rare moments I walk on the solid ground of mutual understanding. And this is […]

Smelling of Madness

Smelling of Madness

After three days the room only smelled like me, in other words, like old age and madness. ~Roberto Bolaño Popular fiction associates old age with senility, a grizzled, cantankerous fool flirting with lunacy daily not only when the moon is full like the rest of the population. I was a prisoner of my own form […]

Slow Dancing with Señor Grim

Slow Dancing with Señor Grim

The trinity of youth, love, and death revealed to them, like an epiphany. ~Roberto Bolaño In my youth, love was an unreachable fantasy and death so far on the horizon as to seem fantastical – except for the time a grade school friend and his brother lost their lives in a house fire. That was […]

Avoiding A Monkey Fucking

Avoiding A Monkey Fucking

I pretended not to hear him, although mentally I wished him a monkey fucking. ~Roberto Bolaño One of the coping mechanisms I learned from my father was extreme avoidance. “Ignore it and it will go away.” “Pretend it did not happen.” “Never talk about it.” Conflict is avoided in the short term but the underlying […]

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