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The Predator becomes Prey

The moon rises and strikes him, violent blows of light, lashes of light from the full moon. ~Eduardo Galeano

I remember walking in Texas, far from a city, on a full moon night the light so bright it felt like dusk or dawn but with a cooler light, a light with an undertone of pale blue illuminating the midnight trails.
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A One and Only Flower

And then the day came
When the risk
To remain tight
In a bud
Was more painful
Tha the risk
It took
To blossom

~Anaïs Nin

Human beings were/are/will be designed to sprout in Mother’s womb where we grow just enough to survive passage into the light. Where we bask in the sunshine of our mother’s smile growing in seasonal spurts along a twisted path until we emerge a flower bud.
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Forced Conformity is Evil!

Conformity is the jailer of freedom, and the enemy of growth. ~John F. Kennedy

The drive to conformity is an evil oppressing unique thinking and the ability to embrace all, including humans on the outskirts, that is weird and wonderful in our world. It is the hobgoblin of little minds afraid to sing a song outside the mainstream tune.
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Worshipping the Creator

The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is more worthy of worship…the created or the creator? Any act of creativity, of creation, is an act of devotion to a concept, an idea, an inkling, a form of worship for the creation created. Therefore to worship the created item is also to adore the physical manifestation of the creator’s soul, is to worship the creator as well.
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The Eyes of a Patriot

When dictatorship is a fact, revolution is a duty. ~Armadeu de Prado

I abhor a dictator. Be it the petty bureaucrat hiding behind rules or the Pinochet tyrant flaunting all rules. Be it the Repricklican tRump or the Dickocrat Shillary. They are the antithesis of all I believe in with regards to the human race. A leader is a servant of the people, not an ornery hag manipulating the people to benefit the person in power.
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Havoc Reigns Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

What are feelings? How is it that they vanish without a vestige? Were they ever there? ~Hilda Hilst

There was a time I only had three feelings; hungry, happy, horny. Had is incorrect. They were the only feelings I recognized or would admit existed in my repertoire.
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When Principles Become Law

And there it was again. Another religion turned against itself. Another edifice constructed by the human mind, decimated by human nature. ~Arundhati Roy

When principles and guidelines become systematized and governed by laws, they lose the essence that made them worthwhile at the outset and through early adoption. Faith then must carry the burden of religion, steps to follow, a path to walk with checkpoints to validate adherence to codified legalism. Then arises a council of arbiters defining nuance and splitting hairs to anoint the true believer and condemn the blasphemer.
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