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The Greatest Country Is…

India imposed on his thinking a many-layered structure, like lotus petals, and no longer let him think in a direct and simple way. ~Yukio Mishima

Living abroad, especially in a culture polar opposite in personality from one’s own, is an eye-opening experience the way a cold slap in the face shakes a sleepy soul into hypervigilance. It is a consciousness-altering experience.
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Chaos Interrupeted by Improvisation

To improvise is to create order out of chaos. ~Patricia Ryan Madson

I have always viewed improvisation as adding chaos to a situation, a random action injected into steady-state motion destabilizing the scene. Splattering crimson paint onto a Van Gogh masterpiece. Singularity becomes multiplicity. Stagnation collapsing under vibration. Entropy increases.
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A Fast Snail

I write as an act of slowness. ~Terry Tempest Williams

Writing is my soul breathing, my soul sustaining itself by masticating on nourishing imagination.

Inhale inspiration. Exhale creation. Slowly in. Slowly out.

Inhale inspiration. Exhale creation. Slowly in. Slowly out.
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God’s Imagination

Coyote knows we do not matter. He knows rock cares nothing for those who wander through them, yet he also knows that those same individuals who care for the rocks will find openings – large openings – that become passageways into the unseen world, where music is heard through doves wings and wisdom is gleaned from the tails of lizards. ~Terry Tempest Williams

In the context of Earth, the perspective of our Great Mother mankind is essentially a crafty parasite discovering increasingly ingenious ways to destroy the home which breathes life into his lungs. We are cutting the branch we are standing on. Failure of the human experiment is an axe chop away and we are swinging the axe.
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Ghosting a Book of Poetry

I want to write in the form of migrating geese like an arrow pointing South toward a direction of safety. ~Terry Tempest Williams

My favorite arrangements of words are those that share information wrapped in poetic phrases, those with the ability to paint dry text information with meaningful imagery. It is an ability with the power to draw me into another reality. It’s an ability I find in the works of South American authors, Latin American escritores.
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The Devil Is In My Mirror

To love another person is to see the face of God. ~John Ortberg

To hate another person is to show them the face of the Devil. ~David Olson

It is said in the Bible, no man can see the face of God and live. I call bullshit. I see the face of God everywhere, in most every person I encounter and am alive to tell the tale. I do my best to look at all people through a veil of affection, a set of love colored lenses filtering away my internal preconceptions, my prejudices, my biases, and allows me to see the purity of a walking soul, allows me to see the essence of God in each person’s face. I walk the streets and I see God everywhere.
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Choose to be Art

Everything we do is an act of poetry or a painting if we do it with mindfulness. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

My words, though not necessarily dancing poetic, are poetry to the human condition, if expressed from the heart and expressed with loving kindness. My face, though not classically handsome, is an exquisite painting if it smiles with genuine affection at a passerby.
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