Thursday: The Morning Before Morning

Thursday: The Morning Before Morning

It’s Thursday. It could be any Thursday in the half-year after bitter colds and before snows. They all start identical. My serene morning with the head bobbing pigeons scouring the ground for human detritus, one man’s garbage another’s treasure, sparrows flitting with the speed of slow lightning strikes alight on my table and stare into […]

Abandon All Hope?

Abandon All Hope?

One hundred virgins. Two hundred virgins. Somewhere between? All laying before me. Stacked one atop the other. Face to face. Back to back. Face to back. Naked all. My questions. How do I uniquely deflower each? How do I spread my goo until each is mine and no two are signatured duplicates?

Worshipping the Creator

Worshipping the Creator

The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson What is more worthy of worship…the created or the creator? Any act of creativity, of creation, is an act of devotion to a concept, an idea, an inkling, a form of worship for the creation created. Therefore to worship […]

Gift Giving

Gift Giving

Life is a constant struggle between being an individual and being a member of the community. ~Sherman Alexie I tend to rant about people developing and expressing those traits/gifts in their soul making them unique, making you uniquely you and to never, ever try to be a poor imitation of anyone else that ever has, […]

Creativity Requires Conflict

Creativity Requires Conflict

Without the bull, the Matador is nothing. ~Cristina García Tension is key to creativity, to creative solutions. Push me, pull you. The easy path does not require a unique solution, a new way of thinking to move from A to B. It’s a motion that can be undertaken without thinking, blindfolded, action repeated until it […]

Crushing Barriers to Happiness

Crushing Barriers to Happiness

You shall create beauty not to excite the senses but to give sustenance to the soul. ~Gabriela Mistral I jumped on the artist bandwagon partly because I wanted to create beauty, create pieces to dazzle an audience of devoted followers, legions proclaiming me the Messiah like I used to deify the musician Peter Gabriel. “All […]

I’d Like To See A Viagra For Curiosity

I’d Like To See A Viagra For Curiosity

Curiosity is the lust of the mind. ~Thomas Hobbes A facet of humanity setting us apart from but not above our animal and plant and mineral brethren is our seemingly insatiable curiosity. It is a human quality tempered by few things; The formal schooling designed to ensure we vomit out the answers to standardized tests […]

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