Tears of Injustice

Tears of Injustice

The world has tired of tears. We weep owls now. They live longer. ~Natalie Diaz Tears draw images from the hearts of poets, color from the painter’s soul, stories from the writer’s muse. Tears flowing down ruddy cheeks are liquid creativity turned by artists into works of heart-stirring substance. Advertisements

Creating a Masterpiece

Creating a Masterpiece

In the realm of creativity, one is more likely to produce a masterpiece by producing volumes of works than putting all efforts into creating the perfect single work. This knowledge gave me the freedom to create without the oppressive specter of perfection constraining my output. I write most every weekday before starting my workday. It’s […]

Hawk Blood Writing

Hawk Blood Writing

I love writing the first time, feeling the rush of words beneath my feathered wings carrying me skyward without expending energy. Floating at dizzy heights. I sight my prey, the story from end to end, with the clarity of Hawk’s vision. I fold my wings. Full stoop. Descend at breakneck speed. Talons piercing the story. […]

Syncopated Souls

Syncopated Souls

The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run. ~Henry David Thoreau I spend at least half an hour each day every workday beginning by 6:30 am spilling my soul onto paper then a few hours each […]

The Lizard Oppresses Creativity

The Lizard Oppresses Creativity

While he was writing, the Lizard quieted, the resistance disappeared and time slowed down. He was in it, unafraid, unimpeded, and truly alive. ~Seth Godin The Lizard. The skulking Lizard, the enemy of creativity. It distracts me from writing, from poetrying, from shooting, from painting. It is the eternal critic, the internal critic only silenced […]

Human Foie Gras

Human Foie Gras

Art has no right answer. The best we can hope for is an interesting answer. ~Seth Godin What emotion does a painting evoke? What revolution is contained in the stanza of a poem? What image is birthed in a song? What pain opened the gateway to a story? I see art not as an interesting […]

An Unscripted Education (Inspired by Lyrics #12)

An Unscripted Education (Inspired by Lyrics #12)

When I think back On all the crap I learned in high school It’s a wonder I can think at all ~Paul Simon, Kodachrome By an accident of birth depositing me in middle class America, I am blessed with a high quality education, a blessing not available to many in my country. I am the […]


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