My Existence is Proved in My Writings

My Existence is Proved in My Writings

Remembrance of things past is not necessarily remembrance of things as they were. ~Marcel Proust As much as I would like to pretend otherwise, my mind has never been a steel trap capable of holding facts for quick retrieval…unless the information was completely meaningless trivia. I tend to grasp gists of experiences with details pouring […]

Soaring On Inspirational Winds

Soaring On Inspirational Winds

Like a melancholy buzzard, I swooped down and landed my ailing imagination on a rock. ~Roberto Bolaño Twas a time I was the ailing buzzard who believed my imagination was as non-existent as the extinct dodo bird, not enough life to give sustenance to a mosquito. I catch myself reading books and, instead of rejoicing […]

Coward or Believer in my Own Mythology?

Coward or Believer in my Own Mythology?

Mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry, it is metaphorical. ~Joseph Campbell I have created a personal mythology in my head. It is the mythology of “David” with a foundational underpinning that I am a man of peace, a brave man advocating for the disenfranchised. It is a mythology buttressed by a lack of […]

Intimacy In A Vast World

Intimacy In A Vast World

Stories are heart to heart connection mechanisms. ~David Olson I don’t categorize my own works in the lofty company of stories. Stories are the cloud filled realm inhabited by Voltaire, Zafón, King, and countless other wordsmiths able to create believable realities with imaginations light years beyond my reach. My efforts look upon them from six […]

I Am A Gister

I Am A Gister

Who remembers exactly the order of a conversation, who knows exactly if the words in a memory were really said or only thought, imagined, spoken under the breath? ~Carlos Fuentes I am a gist guy, a gister. (Not a jester though, unlike my wife, I consider myself to be hilarious.) I remember the essence of […]

Creation for Creations Sake

Creation for Creations Sake

The best you can do is make art you care about – and lots of it. ~David Bayles The art I create always is a failure in my eyes. I want to create poetic images with a flurry of words, images evoking strong emotion in anyone stumbling into my art. But, I don’t sense my […]

Everything I Write is Bullshit

Everything I Write is Bullshit

Everything I write is bullshit. Everything from the first letter to the final punctuation mark and stylized signature. Including every sentiment sandwiched between. Every turd syllable piled up in a nasty, stinking heap of lies surrounded by flies, a mass of excrement feasted upon by maggots as if was the product of a Michelin restaurant. […]

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