Epitome of the Illogical

Epitome of the Illogical

If they give you ruled paper, write the other way. ~Juan Ramón Jiménez Blank pages never intimidate me. They are a cynosure, barren landscapes beckoning my pen, thirsty to drink my ink that giggle with every stroke leaving a monochrome tattoo. Ruled pages, on the other hand, are terrifying, overbearing, depressing to my creative tendencies. […]

The Writing Promised Land

The Writing Promised Land

Human vocabulary is still not capable, and probably never will be, of knowing, recognizing, and communicating everything that can be humanly experienced and felt. ~José Saramago I tend to be proud of my ability to string words into coherent sentences the way a thread connects popped corn. It tends to be beautiful and easily understood […]

I’ve Forgotten My Face

I’ve Forgotten My Face

I dreamed of trying to pull a mask of my face, only to realize that the mask was my face. ~Viet Thanh Nguyen Our masks grow layer by layer by layer with a stealth ensuring we are unaware we have become a parody of societal expectations and the authentic soul is buried so deep we […]

Fabrications of What Never Was

Fabrications of What Never Was

Write what should not be forgotten. ~Isabel Allende I write those thoughts and feelings I don’t want to forget, the experiences canonizing my reality, the memories of my youth for reminiscing when my memory disappears with the waning moon and there remain only slivers of internal light to illuminate what once was brilliant in my […]

If Self-Doubt Were Intelligence I Would Be Einstein

If Self-Doubt Were Intelligence I Would Be Einstein

Doubt is one of the names of intelligence. ~Jorge Luis Borges If doubt was a measure of intelligence, a component of IQ, I would be at the genius level but, I sense, Jorge is not speaking of self-doubt, about the fear of never being significant, of always questioning if one has the skills to be […]

Sifting Through The Hidden Layers of Myself

Sifting Through The Hidden Layers of Myself

I’m still afraid of being totally honest. I’m more afraid of this than dying. ~Natsuo Kirino Secrets. There are those we keep from others, things about ourselves we prefer not to share because we believe bringing them to light would either bring shame upon us or are so heinous we would be rendered unloveable if […]

Cranky Child’s Play

Cranky Child’s Play

There is no poetry where there are no mistakes. ~Joy Harjo The best writing streaming from my collection of fountain pens begins in a pool of internal conflict, sometimes external circumstance stirring the seemingly still waters in my soul forcing conflict to surface and stare me down until I release the dam and allow the […]

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