Injuring Eternity

Injuring Eternity

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity. ~Henry David Thoreau The vastness of Eternity is incomprehensible to my tiny human intellect. Compared to illimitable time, all life even that of the ancient trees is less than a tick, less than a tock on a clock. I find it easier to view my life […]

The Danger of Categorization

The Danger of Categorization

Be curious, not judgemental. ~Walt Whitman By nature, humans are prone to classifying, categorizing, creating rows and rows of familiar boxes to hold information. It helps us avoid danger when we place all large toothed snarling animals into the death bucket allowing us to respond without thinking. But our tendency is to extend bucket classifications […]

The Curse and Blessing of Solitude

The Curse and Blessing of Solitude

The writer’s curse is that even in solitude, no matter the duration, he never grows lonely or bored. ~Criss Jami The essence of this quote is a truth I live, a truth I discovered living halfway across the globe where I lived alone for eighteen months. I never once grew bored, never needed anyone to […]

My Childhood Was Auctioned off To The Only Bidder

My Childhood Was Auctioned off To The Only Bidder

Originally posted on Adventures of an American Traveler:
The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence. ~Roy T. Bennett With the sale of the family Summer Estate in Central Wisconsin in March of 2018, the second to last vestige of my childhood goes the way of the final Dodo bird clubbed…

The Joy of White Bread

The Joy of White Bread

To waste food is to mock the blood and sweat of peasants. ~Lisa See Growing up middle class in the USA, which is affluent by world standards, we never wanted for nutritious food or enough substance to satiate our hunger. Claiming we were starving meant we hadn’t nibbled on anything for a few hours and […]

None Of Us Is Normal In The Head

None Of Us Is Normal In The Head

It was clear that Polito wasn’t right in the head. Who is when you get right down to it. ~Roberto Bolaño For most of my life, I knew I was different than the ‘normal’ people. The only redhead in eight grades of my school & teased because the color was abnormal and I was covered […]

Throwing Gifts Into The Heavens

Throwing Gifts Into The Heavens

There is a universal longing for the freedom to express oneself. ~David Olson All people are filled with a deep longing undergirding their psyche, buttressed by the desire for freedom in society wherein self-expression can be voiced without fear of being shamed, without fear by of being arrested by the career criminals in power. For […]

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