My Unsustainable Kingdom

My Unsustainable Kingdom

The American way of life is not sustainable. It doesn’t acknowledge that there is a world beyond America. ~Arundhati Roy When I was a young boy, the extent of my known world was the block on which I lived and I dare not cross the black asphalt river at the end of the driveway. My […]

Selling Fear by The Pound

Selling Fear by The Pound

There is no better business than the sale of fear. ~Eduardo Galeano The chief product of our United States political system is fear. The conservatives sow the fear the liberals goal is to give away hard-earned wealth to the undeserving and allow immigrants free reign to terrorize the populace. While the liberals keep us terrorized […]

Impossible Political Discourse?

Impossible Political Discourse?

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. ~Lewis Carroll I live in a fantasy world of my own making. Everything I absorb is filtered through the warped David lens. I cannot objectively observe reality. I am aware of my proclivity so understand what I think I believe may be impossible things.

My Kingdom to Kill a Mythical Beast

My Kingdom to Kill a Mythical Beast

The sun kept moving, as did the clouds. The birds were however silent. They could not comprehend the violence of humans. ~Joy Harjo How are birds able to sleep during the incessant brontides of war? Does the constant rumbling interfere with their Spring concupiscent activities? Do birds and other animals caught in a war zone […]

Whitewashing Sins

Whitewashing Sins

Schools do not reveal truths, they conceal them. ~Ta-Nehisi Coates I’ve lost track of the number of times I relayed a newly learned, historical fact to my wife only to have her tell me she learned said fact in school. She was born in another country, educated in a country scarily friendly with the US […]

We Are the Bastards We Reviled

We Are the Bastards We Reviled

He who knows nothing can be deceived by anyone. ~Eduardo Galeano I am embarrassed for my generation, for the choices made and continue to make in the light of the era during which we suckled our mama’s titties. Our youth experienced some of the most tumultuous societal upheavals in modern times. We have hard evidence […]

The Gander Cooks The Goose

The Gander Cooks The Goose

Mark Twain, the old spoilsport, proposes changing the national flag: The white stripes should be black, he says, the stars should be skulls and crossbones. ~Eduardo Galeano The goose and the gander. What is good for one is supposed to be good for the other. The mythology of the United States is that we are […]

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