A Hundred Perfect Moments

A Hundred Perfect Moments

In that moment of silence after you hear something truly beautiful, the kind of moment that can last a second or two or your whole life. ~Roberto Bolaño Much of life is lived at a pace too fast to hear silence, let alone joyfully dwell in quiescence, to contemplate the subtle beauty in a flower […]

A World Divided Against Itself

A World Divided Against Itself

Her body will not survive long this suicide of the soul. ~Eduardo Galeano People have a tendency towards obsession with body maintenance seeking to avoid foods identified with carcinoma, ensuring physical activity is intrinsic to our regimen. Some are so determined, they refuse to vaccinate their children against diseases that have leveraged man’s inherent weaknesses […]

The Silence Was Perfection

The Silence Was Perfection

The bicycle bell spilled into the silence of the night. ~Qui Xiaolong Silence can be spooky. Is it because the absence of any sound driving us to distraction frees up or mind and there is no barrier to block us from feeling the screaming in our souls or, perhaps, because of our inability to hear […]

Soul Death, Brain Death, Heart Death

Soul Death, Brain Death, Heart Death

The moment of death is no longer to be considered as the moment the heart stops, but as the moment when cerebral function ceases. ~Maylis De Kerangal If we accept brain activity as the measure of life or death, we are governed by walking corpses. And that explains quite a bit about the dysfunction rampant in […]

Tasting Minds

Tasting Minds

The mind is a terrible thing to taste. ~Ministry I feast on minds, the minds of humans past and humans present, will continue into the future as the conceived ruminations escape from between fertile legs and are birthed into existence the very moment they spill blood and scratch with it the words scraped off their […]

Fear of Silence

Fear of Silence

The seconds that follow open up a space between them, a naked silent space. ~Maylis de Kerangal When I used to fish on the big lakes of Northern Canada with my brothers, we would spend the days immersed in the silence of calm lakes and the crazy laugh of lake loons…. Silent space frightens us […]

The Texture of Sacred Silence

The Texture of Sacred Silence

When she enters a church, she explores the silence as if it’s the texture of a mystery. ~Maylis de Kerangal I love to explore holy spaces. Every time I enter a church, temple, mosque, red rock amphitheater, enclaves mysteriously abandoned by long-forgotten ancients. I am awed by the power of the palpable silence occupying the […]

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