No One Gets Out Of Here Alive

No One Gets Out Of Here Alive

No one gets out of her alive. ~Jim Morrison I butterfly flutter between consciousness and unconsciousness until I am unable to discern reality from fantasy, trapped in an endless cycle of flickering images I navigate with the unsteady gait of a gangly giraffe just dropped from the womb, still covered in amniotic fluid, onto a […]

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Christ on his tree where he opens the gates to immortality is paralleled with the imagery of Buddha under his tree where he obtains enlightenment. ~Joseph Campbell With the revelation of the tree parallelling in the immortality and enlightenment of The Christ and The Buddha, I have to wonder if the key to all that […]

Sing To The Birds

Sing To The Birds

I pray to the birds because they remind me of what I love rather than what I fear. ~Terry Tempest Williams When one looks at all possibilities for gods and goddesses, the ethereal avians are as good as any, better than most to be the object of daily devotions. Their beauty is unparalleled, rivaled only […]

The World Church

The World Church

How is it beings honed on the open golden plains with grasses swaying in the glow of sunrise, sharpened in miracle mountain majesties, polished in arid desert mesas can turn their backs on the heritage that birthed them to seek divinity in an indoor sanctorium?

The Voice of God

The Voice of God

The voice of god means nothing anymore. ~Revolting Cocks If the voice of god means nothing anymore is it safe to imagine there is no heaven? And, by extension, no hell below us? Then heaven and hell both exist here, on earth, simultaneously and the three are fused into a single existence, three parallels become […]

Prayers Have Been Prayed

Prayers Have Been Prayed

There is no difference between art and prayer. ~Rainn Wilson If art is prayer then, based on the quantity of my creations, quality be damned, I am a priest or a monk or an abbot or an Aztec remover of hearts which are crushed against the moonstone. This is not to say there is no […]

Eternal Questions

Eternal Questions

I feel old, and the hooded figure with the scythe calls me to follow him. ~Jaume Cabr√© I escaped the Grim one in 2012. Every year since I have been told by the man in white with the cold hands, my heart is doing great. Still, I can’t help but feel the scythe is on […]

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