Connected but not Integral

Connected but not Integral

They hear Coyote howl and think mayhem, death is nigh so hide the bite-sized dog that still shits on the floor behind the locked house door…

Escaping From My Art

Escaping From My Art

The Navajo weavers understand the nature of art so leave an untidy string allowing their spirit to escape and reunite with their creator’s soul…

Eden was Never Paradise for Humans

Eden was Never Paradise for Humans

Being omniscient, the dictator knew full well the humans would follow the design he instilled and disobey the command to never eat the fruit. In that sense, it wasn’t really an experiment more slow torture until the two acted upon their intrinsic nature…

Choosing A Wild Kervorkian

Choosing A Wild Kervorkian

In financial terms, I am deficit spending my allotted days leaving me deeply indebted to the reaper. I wonder, is interest accruing on the overdrawn account???

A Spiritual Chameleon

A Spiritual Chameleon

I am a deeply spiritual being…a spiritual chameleon able to tap into various spiritual vibrations, no matter the faith or nonfaith system, and experience the marvel of the holy…

The Lotus Dog

The Lotus Dog

When I came home, I found her sitting in her cage, lotus position, a half-eaten book about desert meditations in her lap…

Part of God And Fully God

Part of God And Fully God

The god made in my own image that I was introduced to as a child now circles the fire with all the other gods – those with feathers, fins, and fur. ~Terry Tempest Williams The belief there is a finite way to worship an infinite god is terribly myopic. To believe one limited faith system […]


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