And We Became Gods

And We Became Gods

For as far back as I can remember into my past, I have been fascinated with religion and its hold on the human psyche. For a long time it was utter disdain eventually intrigue with this integral component of the human condition. So many paths to the gods reaching into prehistory possibly starting with pre-hominids, […]

Human Vibrations

Human Vibrations

By virtue of being alive, our bodies have energy. Upon death, the physical energy dissipates to null and the blob decays. Until death, the internal energy resonates sending vibration into the universe stimulating the surroundings. Those vibration waves dissipate over distance – perhaps linearly, perhaps exponentially.

Gods Wander Over Silent White Sands

Gods Wander Over Silent White Sands

Nez found God then forgot where she had left him. ~Joy Harjo I recently took a five-mile hike through a white sea, a sea as white as the sun perched high in the sky casting white shadows from behind white clouds, climbing over rolling white waves, sensual swells of talcum-white sand. Every silent step forward […]

Knowledge of Gods are in the Tree’s Rings

Knowledge of Gods are in the Tree’s Rings

God speaks through blue-tongued lizards. ~Yusef Kumuyakaa Why do we look to the writings in a book for the soul of God when the mind of the Creator exists in every living being inhabiting Earth and the unexplored cosmos locked inside our heads?

A Blanket Of Silent Heat

A Blanket Of Silent Heat

The room was filled with a kind of stillness. Not simply an absence of noise, but an accumulation of layers of silence. ~Yōko Ogawa Living in a large city, two experiences are ubiquitous – ambient light from the millions of electric candles flickering in skyscraper windows and the everpresent hum of noise. At its most […]

Godly Arrogance

Godly Arrogance

There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread. ~Gandhi People with a spiritual deficit assume everyone has the same hole in their soul so approach others with the plug they used because of the faulty assumption it will snugly fill everyone’s hole as […]

Religiosity or Spirituality?

Religiosity or Spirituality?

Religion is for people who’re afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who’ve been already been there. ~Vine Deloria, Jr. I defined spiritually as a connection with the Universal Consciousness, a web linking every living human to each other. Only recently, I have replaced human with all beings, extant or extinct, when I […]

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