Red Rock Monsters

Red Rock Monsters

As I stared at myself in the mirror, I thought about what it would be like to paint my own portrait…what sort of self would I end up painting? Would I be able to find even a shred of affection for myself? Would I be able to discover even one thing shining within me? ~Haruki […]

Practice, Practice, Practice My Art Every, Every Day

Practice, Practice, Practice My Art Every, Every Day

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work. ~Emile Zola I began writing soon after leaving university possibly as a reaction to years immersed in the math and sciences foundational to an Engineering degree. I wrote steadily for a few years binding my writings in a volume I prematurely […]

Tiny Paint Brushes

Tiny Paint Brushes

What happens to colors when night falls? ~Shahriar Mandanipour Morning sun rising flings colors into the void separating heaven from earth. Earth is painted with all colors in the spectrum by millions of little ray brushes each choosing a surface to splash with its personality, paint reflective of its mood, the happy reds, the warm […]

Is Art Reflection or Revelation?

Is Art Reflection or Revelation?

Is my art a reflection of my experiences? Of the fifth grade teacher who noticed the nearly invisible, mussy ruddy boy sitting small in the middle of aisle three because my last name was right of center in the alphabet. Of the wolf lady who engaged me with keen interest turning on a faucet of […]

The Lines That Choke Society

The Lines That Choke Society

A society without jaywalkers might indicate a society without artists. ~Paul Theroux It is the role of the artist in society to hold a mirror capable of reflecting back upon itself the absurdity we take for granted, the evil we are afraid to confront even when it is the nightmare of our scariest dreams. It […]

Cranky Child’s Play

Cranky Child’s Play

There is no poetry where there are no mistakes. ~Joy Harjo The best writing streaming from my collection of fountain pens begins in a pool of internal conflict, sometimes external circumstance stirring the seemingly still waters in my soul forcing conflict to surface and stare me down until I release the dam and allow the […]

Shooting Beaners

Shooting Beaners

Slippery pessimist hypocrite master Conservative communist apocalyptic bastard ~ Nirvana If you have been swept up in the insanity of this post-apocalyptic America, exacerbated by the election of an orange buffoon to high office, then you likely interpret the title from either the perspective of the Dickocrats figuring it is a racial epithet and I […]

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