All Art is a Lie!

All Art is a Lie!

Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth. ~Pablo Picasso All art is a lie! Every piece ever produced is based on falsehood. Artwork is filtered through our biases, mental biases acting as a prism taking in whole truth then breaking it up into constituents of which the artist chooses which is […]

Emptiness Contains The Message

Emptiness Contains The Message

In a traditional Chinese landscape painting, empty space allows room for imagination. ~Qiu Xiaolong The emptiness in a painting, those voids in space absent an eye-attracting element enhancing the message by not overwhelming the viewer with noise. Negative space, sparseness drawing the subconscious, a vacuum attracting thoughts deeply buried in the mind to the thinking […]

Two Minutes of Undeserved Fame

Two Minutes of Undeserved Fame

The function of the overwhelming majority of your artwork is simply to teach you how to make the small fraction of your artwork that soars. ~David Bayles The knowledge that my art is mostly throw away can be disheartening. I want every word to be nuanced, layered with many meanings, every sentence to flow river […]

Creation Equals Destruction

Creation Equals Destruction

Art, though, requires pride and disobedience. The pride of creation and the disobedience of disturbing the status quo. ~Seth Godin Art destroys. Art creates. Therefore, creation and destruction are the same.

Choose to be Art

Choose to be Art

Everything we do is an act of poetry or a painting if we do it with mindfulness. ~Thich Nhat Hanh My words, though not necessarily dancing poetic, are poetry to the human condition, if expressed from the heart and expressed with loving kindness. My face, though not classically handsome, is an exquisite painting if it […]

Connecting with Humanity

Connecting with Humanity

The man who has no imagination has no wings. ~Muhammad Ali Imagination humanizes our existence. It’s not only important to have imagination. One must find ways to exercise those wings so they grow strong, robust, muscular and can be called upon when creative solutions are necessary to solve problems. And creative solutions are increasingly important. […]

Singing Snowflakes

Singing Snowflakes

Listening to snow fall. ~Roberto Bolaño I wish I had the ability to attain a state of serenity so deep, I could hear the voices of individual flakes of snow falling thru the air, the serenading of a thousand snowflakes swirling in the wind, the cacophony when millions crash onto the ground.

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