Am I A Blasphemer?

Am I A Blasphemer?

The trees have been her scripture and earth her revelation. ~Amitav Ghosh Camping and backpacking used to be a passion for me. There were few better feelings than sleeping beneath a canopy of stars on a cool night serenaded by night creatures, wakened by the song of gentle flowers in flight. Earth was my God, […]

Joining The Frogs In Primordial Ecstasy

Joining The Frogs In Primordial Ecstasy

A silver frog, a frog whose skin seemed to have absorbed all the madness of the Mexican moon. ~Roberto Bolaño Once upon a time, many years ago in the Spring of ’91, I was leaving Arches National Park at night because I could not bear to say goodbye while the rocks were visible. I left […]

Tiny Paint Brushes

Tiny Paint Brushes

What happens to colors when night falls? ~Shahriar Mandanipour Morning sun rising flings colors into the void separating heaven from earth. Earth is painted with all colors in the spectrum by millions of little ray brushes each choosing a surface to splash with its personality, paint reflective of its mood, the happy reds, the warm […]

Gods Wander Over Silent White Sands

Gods Wander Over Silent White Sands

Nez found God then forgot where she had left him. ~Joy Harjo I recently took a five-mile hike through a white sea, a sea as white as the sun perched high in the sky casting white shadows from behind white clouds, climbing over rolling white waves, sensual swells of talcum-white sand. Every silent step forward […]

Spring Butterflies

Spring Butterflies

Now I see the secret of making the best persons, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth. ~Walt Whitman Spring butterflies have merged from their black wintry cocoons and taken to the streets of Chicago to flit in the warm exhalations of Spring.

Eau de Carrion

Eau de Carrion

One solitary buzzard rocked lazily in the sky. ~Juan Rulfo If I was to suborn the creator to bestow form for my next incarnation, it would be to be born into the Accipiter family preferably in the order Vultur or Falco, vultures or hawks, carrion feeder or fresh flesh eater. Both have their allure.

Knowledge of Gods are in the Tree’s Rings

Knowledge of Gods are in the Tree’s Rings

God speaks through blue-tongued lizards. ~Yusef Kumuyakaa Why do we look to the writings in a book for the soul of God when the mind of the Creator exists in every living being inhabiting Earth and the unexplored cosmos locked inside our heads?

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