Reality is an Illusory Dream

Reality is an Illusory Dream

The world of dreams and the world of work are twin realities, like the opposing wings of a butterfly. ~Cristina Garcia If the world of dreams and the world of work are twin realities, what do we make of the world between dream and work? Advertisements

Eau de Carrion

Eau de Carrion

One solitary buzzard rocked lazily in the sky. ~Juan Rulfo If I was to suborn the creator to bestow form for my next incarnation, it would be to be born into the Accipiter family preferably in the order Vultur or Falco, vultures or hawks, carrion feeder or fresh flesh eater. Both have their allure.

Octopus Nightmares

Octopus Nightmares

I wonder if, in the dark night of the sea, the octopus dreams off me. ~N. Scott Momaday It is a propensity of the human species to place ourselves on a pedestal and look down upon every other species extant or extinct as inferior. We even subdivided ourselves into levels of superiority ridiculously correlated to […]

Boatsman On The River Styx

Boatsman On The River Styx

I am in a shallow boat running low. The oars stroke rhythmically, consistently, no deviation in time or speed, tick tock mind the clock. Push, drop, pull, raise, glide. Tick. Push the arms forward. Tock. Drop the blades in the water. Wind the clock. Tick. Pull using all the muscles in the back and arms […]

The Ascetic Within

The Ascetic Within

I had thinned out the social stimuli in my life and become a full-time desert ascetic. ~Ellen Meloy I have unconsciously or subconsciously been preparing myself. Clues tell me, clues point in the direction gravitating toward increasing asceticism. Clues such as increasing isolation. Increasing forays into the desert of my soul. Given a choice, I […]

Talking Rocks in New Mexico

Talking Rocks in New Mexico

Originally posted on Adventures of an American Traveler:
There are few situations more frightening than sitting comfortably with your back against a smooth rock on a gloriously hot, dry, and sunny day breathing pristine mountain air without a worry until hearing an agitated buzzing and realizing you are face to face and within striking distance…

Dream or Reality?

Dream or Reality?

You are one half woman and one half dream. ~Rabindranath Tagore Teak eyes. Raven hair. Lithe. Supple. Crooked Smile. Creative. Intelligent. Caring. Loving. Dream? Reality?

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