I Exist. I Think.

I Exist. I Think.

I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am. ~Sylvia Plath I exist, I think. I have memories, but they are so blurred by time, I no longer am able to determine if they are real plumbed depths of personal history exposing artifacts from […]

The Ghosts that Taunt Me

The Ghosts that Taunt Me

He was haunted, same as she was, except he didn’t know the name of his ghost. ~Christina Henry I find myself wondering why my soul feels haunted, why it feels like something is off kilter with my life journey, off balance in my head and I am living at the inky precipice of confusion trying […]

Would it be Better to Never Have Dreamed?

Would it be Better to Never Have Dreamed?

Patches of partially forgotten dreams hover in his mind. ~Qiu Xialong What happened to the unlimited, savory aspirations we, as children, rolled over our tongues like a newly unwrapped lollipop, those dreams of a future pregnant with adventure in which to invest our near infinite stores of energy? I wanted to be everything. Do everything. […]

Dancing on a Moonlit Night

Dancing on a Moonlit Night

Brandy was a drink that went well with silence – you gently swirled it, appreciated the color, inhaled the fragrance. ~Haruki Murakami Swirling Irish Whiskey, an amber drink when held up to the setting sun captures long rays, glows, disperses warmed light as love is absorbed by the eye and swirls in the soul of […]

Dream Bubbles

Dream Bubbles

Patches of partially forgotten dreams hovering in his mind. ~Qiu Xiaolong I catch glimpses of my long forgotten dreams when they float out of the emptiness, bubble into consciousness, a floating bubble, a soap bubble of translucent liquid hopes reflecting sunlight possibilities filtering through a partially open window, a bubble that pops and is immediately […]

Dreams Create New Truths

Dreams Create New Truths

We spend a good part of our lives dreaming, especially when we are awake. ~Carlos Ruiz Záfon I used to laugh at dreamers, make fun of any person with their head so far up in their…up in the clouds they had little understanding of reality. Sensibility meant having feet firmly planted on the ground, rooted […]

Dreams In Spider’s Web

Dreams In Spider’s Web

Dreams they complicate my life. ~R.E.M. I live two types of dreams. Dreams that accompany my sleeping hours, indicated by rapidly moving eyeballs behind a closed eyelid, flitting between pleasant and waking near tears with heart palpitating. These do not complicate my life. My other dreams are, as far as I know, unique to the […]

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